I have recently Used both Jarred and Terry for SSI and for comp purposes.. This firm knows the laws inside and out !! You will never find Representatives that handle a case such as these gentlemen do . Never have I ever had an attorney call me back within 5 minutes whenever I had questions or concerns like these gentlemen do.. Because they actually care of your best interest and will do everything in there power to be sure you are treated right !! GALLAGAR BAKER 5 STAR ATTORNEYS!!

Mark D.

I called them up and passed on the details of my case and that was it, they took it from there. at the end of everything I. very happy with the job done and would and actually already have recommended their services to a few friends. couldn't be more satisfied.

Kyle D.

He won me a big sum.

Keith S.

Mr. Baker did an excellent job representing me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great disability lawyer.

Whitney H.

I was denied help from 2 different law agencies before finding Gallagher- Baker. If not for Mr. Gallagher investigating and then Mr. Baker handling my case, I would have been in total ruins long ago. I can't thank, or recommend them enough.

David S.

Absolutely the best experience dealing with the circumstances, Mr. Gallagher is a straight pro!

Jeremy M.

I love Gallagher and baker they been working hard on my case for me, you will not find better lawyers. Thanks again guys.

David K.

Professional, courteous, attentive, sharp, tenacious and just. I would not trust my livelihood with any other firm.

Iris I